If you want to make your wedding a real club and dance experience, rather than having a DJ that focusses on reaching all generations with different music styles, I can make your wedding a memorable music experience.

BE AWARE:I am not your typical bland all round wedding DJ´s!!!


As one of your life´s biggest events, you want everything to be planned down to the smallest details. You probably have lots of questions and wishes. I have quite some experience in the industry and I have played at many weddings, therefore I know what it takes to make your wedding musically successful. Together we can discus how we can fill in your big night.


After the first contact by phone or e-mail, I would like to meet face-to-face to discuss your exact wishes and desires and the possibilities. Afterwards I will send you an agreement which contains all the agreed details. As the wedding date approaches, I will contact the regarding venue to agree all the when´s, how´s and where´s. At the day of the wedding I will be building up the sound set (if needed), the percussion set and I will do a short sound check about 2 hours before the guests arrives. I will be playing for you until the last guests are gone. Afterwards the set-up will be packed up by either me or my roadie.


I can do music before, during and after dinner. Click HERE to read more about my music and styles.


Besides the DJ and percussion set-up I can bring a sound set and some basic cosy lights(read more here) which will create a good atmosphere.

Unless desired otherwise, all the equipment is set up before the guests arrive.


In the past years I have been working together with many professional DJ´s and sound equipment rental services. In the unlike event of an emergency or technical problem, I am able to get in immediate contact with many professional DJ´s and sound rental services for last minute replacement.


Pricing minimum is 4500 DDK.

Call me or click HERE to get an offer/quote.

If you have any questions, please contact me or read more HERE.