The music that I make depends of the setting and its all about feeling the energy the crowd needs.

For club style gigs my music is always house music minded. From deep house to uplifting house music, and everything in between…

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For receptions and walk-ins, I tend to go for lounge and relaxing beats and soulful house music. Working towards a more energetic feel, if possible.

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When it comes to corporate events, it mostly depends on what the booker/customer has in mind. Some fancy companies book me for just my style: house music with live percussion, while other companies want a mix of danceable genres with offcourse house classics and current known house tracks.

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For weddings I always take the wishes of the bride and groom as a starting point, but most couples that book me, want to have an accent on house-minded club music. On weddings I can go a towards other styles, varying between house, urban, RNB, classics, current hits, electro, reggaeton, etc.

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Another style I can handle is Latin, Brazilian and World Music. For both relaxing music as danceable music you can book me. Great for salsa parties, Caribean lounge parties, summer parties, etc. If you want to give your party an energy-boost, I recommend to book me with 2 or more samba dance girls –> gets your party really started!

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If you want something special or a specific style, please contact me.

If you want blues, country, (hard)rock, metal, hardcore, hardstyle, slager, rock ‘n roll –> DON’T CONTACT ME!